Power Of European Talented Romantic Youth

Power Of European Talented Romantic Youth


Project number:

Lifespan of the project:
15/12/2020 – 13/05/2021





Kıyıköy Doğa Sporları Kulübü Derneği

Contact person:
Oktay Yatkın


The pursuit of the project is to inform the participants and the wider society about the greatness and importance of poetry inspiring young people to study more poets and poems and to seek deeper meanings. Prominence will be given to techniques of writing and ways in which new poets can promote their work while our objective is to emphasize, through poetry, the value of having both multilingualism and national languages going hand by hand to the future, as mother tongues and local dialects are important cultural elements that need to be preserved. In addition, after the recent refugee crisis, the social inclusion of the refugees can be easier achieved through the exchange of cultural elements with local and wider society, and poetry is a tool to use for that purpose. This project is a continuation of the European Solidarity Corps project implemented by our team in the city of Katerini which aims to include in the local community young refugees who came and live in the city after the recent refugee crisis that stroke the whole country, as well as Turkey and Europe in general.

The project includes a youth exchange that will be held in the city of Katerini (Greece) on 17-24/03/2021, where indoor and outdoor activities will be carried out, as well as a final event in order to present the activities and results of the project to the public, organized by the participants themselves.

The methodology of the project is based on the principles of non-formal education such as: team building activities, motivating and stimulating games (energizers), group work, role play, discussion and dialogue, street actions, presentations and video creation. Through these methods, the aim is to provide information and develop skills that the participants will be able to implement in their own environment. They will also prepare an interactive presentation to display their own country

and the organization they represent. Finally, of high importance is the creation of a digital Anthology in a web blog form, which will include all the poems that will have been written during the exchange, as well as any other outputs that will have been created, in order to achieve greater dissemination of them.

Expected results of the project, for young participants, will be:

  • their essential information about the importance of poetry as a means of expression, externalization of emotions, and channeling their creativity resulting in mental upliftment and the development of self-confidence.
  • the acquisition of technical knowledge about writing poems
  • development of critical thinking for the messages they receive from the external environment (natural landscapes, social environment, television, etc.) by filtering performances, images, photos and videos and the expression of their point of view in an allegorical and poetic way
  • the development of skills in technology and informatics, through the creation of electronic presentations, videos and blogs strengthening the common European identity
  • the social inclusion

Moreover, the participating organizations will enrich their “library” of knowledge with tools and techniques of artistic expression, such as poetry, by informing and motivating young people in their local communities to engage in it.

Finally, the other target groups of our project, like young people, students, parents, people working in the field of arts and poetry, civil society organizations and teachers will receive information, incentives and ideas for further actions and events.

Through the systematic dissemination activities that we will implement in the months following the Exchange, all the above groups will receive incentives for cultural heritage, in addition to European participants, also from refugees, something we expect to raise social awareness for better acceptance and inclusion in the local society.