Interrogable Media – Call for Partners

Interrogable Media – Call for Partners

Interrogable Media – Call for Partners

Interrogable Media is a Youth Exchange project to submit to European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency (Turkish National Agency) by the 01 October 2020 deadline under Erasmus+ Programme.  It is planned to hold on at Kıyıköy, Kırklareli, TURKEY.

This project will be submitted by Midia Youth. We support this informal youth group that tries to develop solidarity in our rural area.

Youth exposure to high levels of cyberbullying and hate speech in the public sphere has a significant impact on selfconfidence and self-esteem. This situation leads to exclusion and stigmatization. Some of the national minorities or many immigrant youth are in a state of hiding or rejecting their own identity, as a result of marginalization and discrimination, due to the desire to be accepted by others. Therefore, young people who face different types of hate speech or online harassment -especially young minorities or immigrants- need to feel safe to develop their self-esteem and self-respect. Above all, young people should develop special skills to help them deal with the different types of online discrimination they face.

This project aims to increase awareness of online responsibility and develop the ability to think critically and recognize fake news.

The detailed objectives and objectives of the project, as well as its activities, will be developed in line with the needs of the participant profile, along with partner institutions.

We are looking for partners:

  • An organization that works in a human rights/online security/online literacy/youth field actively
  • Able to send 5 participants (17-30 years old) + 1 group leader
  • Agree with “No money from participant”
  • Interested to develop a project together and shares tasks

How to apply?

Please fill the application form by clicking here.

Email us for any details: